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Eye Football & Sports Eyewear for Kids

In recent years, more children are participating in organised sports. These younger athletes are taking to the fields, gymnasiums and rinks with an impressive selection of sophisticated safety gear for their heads, legs and arms. But, whether they wear glasses, contact lenses or nothing, their eyes are still at risk. There are far too many eye injuries attributable to failure to wear protective prescription eyewear or even worse, – no protective eyewear at all.

I have found that the Bollé comprehensive collection of protective eyewear products, combining the highest technical features in accordance with the most stringent impact resistance standards in the world to be outstanding in this regard. Over the course of 120+ years, Bollé has built a solid reputation as a provider of high-quality sport and lifestyle eyewear. The company is also a leading supplier for the Safety and Military industries, where optical quality, ray filtration, and impact and ballistic resistance are crucial. Bollé possesses unparalleled technological and manufacturing in both the sunglasses, sports sunglasses, skiing goggles, helmets and safety eyewear.

They have consulted an international basketball superstar, Tony Parker, to help champion this important safety message, using his experience of on-the-court familiarity with sport protective eyewear to tailor a superb range of great looking sports eyewear for children of all ages.

But looking good is no use if they don’t do what they are supposed to. All the Sport Protective frames are constructed with a recently developed grade of polycarbonate, delivering flexibility for comfort combined with a very high level of impact resistance. They are designed to have greater adjustability and an unrivalled ergonomic fit, which means that they are comfortable and work well.

They use a revolutionary Shock Absorption System (SAS), which utilises a revolutionary industrial process, co-injecting two different materials at the same time: hard material for impact resistance and very soft material for impact absorption. This new process does not use chemical bonding agents, greatly reducing the risk of allergic reactions and avoiding the possibility of heat-induced separation of components. This process also offers a very high level of durability, so they last!

On top of this, Bolle use there own Platinum-coating, which is one of the most efficient scratch resistant and anti-fog technologies in the world, used successfully in industrial and military environments. It delivers precise vision even during the most demanding physical activities.

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