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Designer Frames

For most people, one of the most important parts of choosing a new pair of eyeglasses is finding a frame that looks good and fits their personality and style. Eyeglasses are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit each individual’s taste. It is not always easy to find the right frame, but the good news is that there are thousands of designs to choose from, including innovative, stylish frames from high-end designers.


What are designer frames?

Prescription glasses are not just used to correct vision; they have become a major part of personal image and expression. Eyewear became a fashion accessory in the 1950s. Prior to that time, opticians carried just a few eyeglass frames and styles for men and women to choose from. As eyewear designs started to evolve, it was only a matter of time before some of the more well-known fashion houses began to design frames for their wealthy clientele. Now virtually every major designer across the world has a line of custom eyewear, including both sunglasses and prescription eyeglass frames.

Why are designer frames worn?

Designer eyeglasses are becoming popular as a premium fashion accessory. Some of the hottest designers are now coming out with eyeglass lines.

For people who are fashion conscious and who want to invest in a pair of eyeglasses that fits their evolving style, designer eyeglasses are the best option.


Benefits of designer frames

Designer eyeglass frames are not just worn for their fashion and brand name value. Lenses from top designers are often made of better materials than non-designer frames, making them more durable and long lasting. These frames also feature much sleeker designs that can literally transform a person’s appearance.

Silhouette – Authentic Eyewear Since 1964

Silhouette began with a vision – eyewear as an accessory – in 1964, and is now the leading brand in lite eyewear worldwide. Under this brand, the lightest eyewear in the world is mostly handcrafted in an individual design, employing the best materials and the latest technologies.

With the rimless, screw less, hinge less, and virtually weightless Titan Minimal Art, this Austrian family business has revolutionised the eyewear market. Silhouette eyewear has been on more than 30 NASA missions in outer space, tours around the world with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and is the eyewear of choice for big names in entertainment, business, and politics.

Jimmy Choo

The Story Of The Brand

A company that was first founded by one man became an internationally well-known brand in the space of a couple of decades. Jimmy Choo was a footwear designer from East London. He was very successful in his career; the late Princess Diana was once a fan of his work. In 1996, Choo founded his company alongside the generous assistance of Tamara Mellon. There was a niche in the luxury shoe market and Mellon saw what Choo could bring to the table.


The Eyewear Collection

After global success, the brand also diversified into accessories i.e. handbags, jewellery, and eyewear. It was not until 2007 did the brand launch into eyewear production. Royalties, A-list celebrities, and musicians are all followers of this popular high-end brand. The soul of the brand is present in all of the eyewear collections. Beautifully made frames crafted from the finest materials and at the highest quality is what the brand has to offer.

After all, this is a luxury brand so why would you expect anything less? The frames are sexy, sultry and super stylish. The designs are modern and highly glamorous; the collection is aimed at women who love to look glamorous and adores luxury. Most of the optical frames are rectangle in shape; it’s a popular shape that can help contour a face. By creating angular lines you can slim down jaw lines and contour round cheeks. Jimmy Choo glasses are labelled as numbers and not names however in the sunglasses collection, each model has a name i.e. Jimmy Choo Aster.

Consistent with the footwear range, the eyewear collection is only targeted at the female population. This is why the majority of the brand’s designs are feminine; however there are some masculine-styled frames, which could be worn by men who adore the luxury brand.


Gucci has been around for nearly 90 years. First opened in 1921 by Guccio Gucci; his vision for the brand was inspired by London. He wanted to create leather goods that had a sophisticated appeal but with Italian craftsmanship and flair which can only be achieved by his local Tuscan artisans. In the 1950’s, the green-red-green web icon became an internationally recognised hallmark of the brand.

The web not only symbolised the equestrian style but also the strong Italian influence in the brand. Up until the turn of the millennium, the brand heavily relied on its equestrian inspiration, which brought them global success. In 2006, its newly appointed creative director Frida Giannini wanted to expand the company further by exploring other ‘faces’ of the brand’s rich heritage. Giannini reinvented Gucci in a new light, fusing together history and modernity.


The Eyewear Collection

The eyewear collection is aimed at both male and female consumers who are fashionable, glamorous, and appreciates fine quality and Italian craftsmanship. This is a multi-brand luxury company so the brand’s eyewear collection is very exclusive. Only a handful of carefully selected retailers are authorised to stock the frames. The men’s Deluxe collection has a classic yet cutting-edge appeal. The frames are more squared to really contour and highlight the wearer’s face shape. The metal T-Bar logo on some of the models provides an eye-catching look. The strong personality of the design is enhanced by the brand’s stylish heritage.

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