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OCT Scan

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OCT stands for ocular coherence tomography, which essentially means building a highly detailed image that can be viewed in three dimensions.

An optician uses an OCT scanner to create an image of the back of your eye, allowing them to pick up any issues or abnormalities with an exceptional level of accuracy. An OCT scan is a simple and pain-free procedure, and produces an image up to twenty five times higher resolution than any other optical imaging technology.

Eye conditions that can be easily identified through OCT scanning include macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinal detachment. All of these conditions are serious, regularly leading to sight loss and even blindness if not treated swiftly. OCT scanning is also effective in diagnosing a range of other less severe eye health and vision related conditions.

An OCT scan is the best possible route to early diagnosis of eye health problems.

It’s a worrying fact that the majority of eye health problems have no symptoms, which means that you could already be developing a condition without even being aware of it. It’s for this reason that regular eye exams with your optician are so important, and that early diagnosis of any issue is crucial to ensure swift and effective treatment. That’s why Mark Davis Opticians have invested in the latest OCT technology in Spondon to ensure you are receiving the most advanced and accurate eye examination possible.

Looking for an Eye Examination?

The team at Mark Davis Opticians recommend you book an OCT scan once a year to ensure your eye health is being monitored as closely as possible. This is especially important for all patients aged 40 and over and particularly those with a family history of conditions such as diabetes and glaucoma.