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Dry Eye Syndrome

Do you have itchy, sore, watering eyes? You could have dry eye syndrome.


How to prevent ‘dry eyes’

In my earlier articles I discussed the increase in numbers of people suffering from discomfort of the eyes, dry eye. I explained how the tear film is made up, what can affect it and touched on some ways that we can help. However, to develop a long lasting,...

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What causes ‘dry eye’

In my last blog I talked about the problems that dry eye can cause, and also gave some background about what the tears are made of, and how they are produced. As I said, this problem is quite common, particularly as we all get older. Fortunately for us all it is...

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What does ‘dry eyes’ mean?

As many of you know, I have been in practice for many years (some would say too many years but that is another matter!), and one topic that has become more and more common whilst chatting to my patients is dry eyes. It certainly isn’t always recognised as this, but...

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