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Sports Eyewear

Sports Eyewear is an area, which we are all interested in, but for some people it matters much more than for others.

Whether you cycle for pleasure, climb mountains, play badminton or swim, normal eyewear will probably not do the job. There is now a broad range of frames; lenses and tints all aimed at helping you take part in your chosen sport safely and to the best of your ability.

Active sportsmen and women are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of wearing suitable eyewear whilst participating in their chosen sport.

It goes without saying that performance is enhanced when you can see clearly. This applies to both spectacle and contact lens wearers whereby many goggles and frames can cater for prescriptions. Different lens tints and varying designs benefit in many sports and weather conditions.

Whatever the sport, there is always a risk of eye injury. Some sports, squash for example, carry a substantial risk and the consequences can be horrific. Wearing protective eyewear can eliminate this risk. We make use of different lens materials to provide extra safety, and different frames designed with your sports in mind

Just some of the sports we can help with include cricket, cycling, diving, football, golf, hockey, rugby, skiing, snooker, squash, swimming, tennis and water sports. We can help both adults and children, so whether you’re young or old, a seasoned professional or a complete novice at your sport we’ll be able to help you get the most out of it.

Whether you are competitive in your sport or just play for the love of it, you can enhance your performance with a dedicated pair of sports specs.

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