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Children's Eye Examination

Your child could have an eye condition without knowing about it.

It is extremely important that your child has his or her eyes tested regularly from a young age. Because the majority of eye conditions don’t have any symptoms, your little one could have a problem they don’t even know about.

In some cases, children struggle to read the white board at school. This can lead to frustration, a lack of concentration and in some cases, underachievement. A simple trip to the optician is all it takes to rectify problems with your child’s sight and, better yet, children are entitled to FREE eye examinations, courtesy of the NHS.

Up until the age of 8 years old a child’s vision can be ‘moulded’. This means that should your youngster be suffering from a minor eye problem such as a squint or short sightedness, it is likely that it can be treated quickly causing no lasting damage to their vision.

At Mark Davis Optician your child couldn’t be in better hands. Our experts don’t only have a wealth of experience dealing with youngsters, they have also come up with some great ways of getting even the most reserved little ones to come out of their shells and enjoy their sight tests.

It is a common misconception that children have to be able to read in order to have their eyes tested. Using specially developed techniques, our opticians are able to assess the muscles controlling children’s eyes and therefore conclude how well they are able to see. Carole Bottle

Optical Assistant

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