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I would like to wish all of my patients a very happy, healthy and safe New Year

As many of you will know eye tests have many benefits. As well as making sure that the eyes are focusing properly and working together, one of the main reasons, and it is so important, to have an eye test is to check the health of the eye. What is not always recognised is how having an eye test will sometimes highlight other health problems

We had really interesting example of that just before Christmas. One of my patients called in to see me because she had broken her glasses She was nearly due for her check up, and I suggested that it would make sense to have the full test before I made up her replacement pair of glasses.

This turned out to be the correct decision. Whilst the focussing of her eyes hadn’t changed significantly, the inspection of the retina at the back of her eyes by the optician showed that there were slight haemorrhages (bleeding at the back of the eye. He decided that it would be worthwhile for the patient to go and see her own GP to get her blood pressure checked out so he wrote a note to her doctor explaining what he had seen and why we had sent her to him.

When the patient got to the doctor surgery the practice nurse took her blood pressure. After taking it a couple of times, she told my patient that she wasn’t happy with the results and went to fetch the GP. The GP arrived, checked my patient’s blood pressure again. The GP then told my patient that she was to take the two tablets immediately, then go straight to the Derby Royal Hospital

It turned out that my patient had extremely high blood pressure which the Consultant told her was potentially life-threatening. This was a frightening thought as she had no other symptoms whatsoever.

Fortunately, after taking medication for about a month my patient’s blood pressure is now stable and at the right level, and the GP is satisfied that things are on the right track. He will be just reviewing her on a regular basis.

This really shows the value of regular eye tests, even when you think everything is ok.

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